Pediatric Conscious Sedation

Conscious sedation is one of the options we can offer our pediatric patients who are nervous about their dental procedure.

Taken in oral form, liquid or pill, conscious sedation is taken a certain amount of time before the planned dental procedure. The medication gradually relaxes the body and many fall asleep without much recollection of the procedure itself.

Oral sedation is a safe and effective way to undergo numerous types of procedures without many side effects. You can also rest assured that our pediatric dentists and staff are specifically trained in administering conscious sedation and will closely monitor every patient while they are under sedation in our Montrose and Fruita offices.

Our team of professionals at Pediatric Dental Specialists of Western Colorado are dedicated to ensuring your child’s visit is as comfortable as possible. If a dental procedure is being considered for your child, sedation options will be thoroughly discussed with you and any questions you have resolved prior to the start of your care.

Our Commitment to Excellence

We use the highest quality dental materials, the best dental supplies available, and exceptional staff. Our patients keep coming back because of the special care they receive while in our experienced hands.

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