Tooth Colored Crowns

Sadly, cavities are still a common problem for children and they can be severe enough to require dental crowns. Thankfully, today there are several options for dental crowns in kids. One of the most popular types of dental crowns are tooth-colored crowns because they can repair and protect the damaged tooth while appearing natural without causing any unwanted attention. 

Tooth-colored crowns offer the similar benefits as stainless steel crowns, but they are made of a tooth-colored material, which is less noticeable than the shiny stainless steel crowns. This makes them more natural-looking, which many parents and kids prefer.

Tooth-colored crowns are a favorite in pediatric dentistry practices because not only do they have a more natural look than other restorative options but they also provide outstanding strength and performance. Tooth-colored crowns have proven strength and durability which is why they are frequently recommended. They are an excellent option to restore teeth with severe dental caries, a developmental defect, or a crack from an accident.

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